Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to My 1974 Trans Am Blog

Above is a photo of a Cameo White 1974 Trans Am. This is not my car, however this is what my car should look like at completion. My car is a Cameo White 74 Trans Am that came without the screaming eagle on the hood. I have no plans of adding the eagle at this time. I also plan on running the famous rally II rims without trim rings like the one shown above.

My name is Mark Haynes and welcome to my blog about the restoration of my 1974 Pontiac Trans Am. I am no stranger to Trans Am's. I own a Black 1978 Trans Am that I have owned since 1989. Over a period of years I restored it and around 2002 I finally got it to a point where I could show and attend local cruise ins and I have been enjoying it ever since.

I am also a forum moderator / administrator on the very popular 2nd Generation Trans Am website, . This is a great source for meeting other enthusiast and sharing information about all 1970 - 1981 Firebird Models. I have been fortunate enough to make many very good friends through this forum as well as meeting many great people attending Firbird shows such as The Trans Am Nationals held in Dayton, Ohio. STARS Southern Trans Am Regionals Show held near Destin, Fla. and The BAN ONE show that is held near Atlanta, Georgia.

I have owned four Trans Am's in my 42 years.  In addition to my 1978 Trans Am and the 1974 Trans Am that I currently own I owned briefly a Buccaneer Red 1975 Trans Am. I bought the 75 although I had been looking for a 1974 for a number of years. The 75 came available and I bought it. After about a year my heart just wasn't in it, as I really wanted the 74 because I loved the flat rear fastback window and the razor grilles. So I sold the 75 to gentleman in New York. I also owned a beautiful low mileage 1979 W-72 4 speed Trans Am. After owning it for just over a month a collector bought the car for a price I could not say no too, so off it went to Texas. It was a car that belonged to a collector because it was so original. I really prefer to drive my cars and enjoy them.

While website's such as,, and are all great sources for many year models of Trans Ams and Pontiacs. My Blog will center around one year only. The 1974 Trans Am.

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